Welcome to Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems, established in 1994, is a full service environmental company servicing the entire State of New Jersey.  Services provided by Environmental Systems include Underground Storage Tank removal/testing. Soil & Ground Water Remediation, Site Investigation and Indoor Air Quality Testing.

“Bio Remediation” Technologies developed by Environmental Systems has  provided owners of residential and commercial properties “Remediation Alternatives”  to classical petroleum contamination clean-up technologies involving relocation of structures. 

These patent pending “Bio Remediation Technologies” have been successfully used  in a variety of soil  and ground water conditions. Environmental Systems provides cost effective practical remediation solutions to property owners who have petroleum and chemical pollution issues.
In addition to underground storage tank closure and remediation services, Environmental Systems provides “Site Investigation” services to buyers’ of residential and commercial properties. Identification of potential “Areas of Environmental Concern” provide the property purchaser with important information regarding current property contamination levels and cost of remediation. Environmental Systems can custom design a Environmental Phase I/II Assessment Report to satisfy the requirements of the financial institution providing funding.

Indoor Air Quality & Industrial Hygiene Services are provided by Environmental Systems. Sick Building Syndrome” can affect homes and buildings in both urban and suburban areas. Building occupants can become sick from exposure to chemicals and mold. Allergies can be sensitized by exposure to certain chemical compounds. Identification of these compounds within building structures requires highly specialized testing equipment.
Environmental Systems provides qualified professional consulting services at reasonable prices.